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Braemar Chair

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Braemar Chair

Harris Tweed Velvets
Mara Velvets
8 colours
Mara Velvets
Mara Velvet Aubergine Mara Velvet Aubergine
Mara Velvet Beech Mara Velvet Beech
Mara Velvet Coffee Mara Velvet Coffee
Mara Velvet Navy Mara Velvet Navy
Mara Velvet Peat Mara Velvet Peat
Mara Velvet Slate Mara Velvet Slate
Mara Velvet Spruce Mara Velvet Spruce
Mara Velvet Tobacco Mara Velvet Tobacco
5 colours
Biarritz Delft Delft
Biarritz Flint Flint
Biarritz Lichen Lichen
Biarritz Magnesium Magnesium
Biarritz Ore Ore
7 colours
Georgia Blue Blue
Georgia Cloud Cloud
Georgia Denim Denim
Georgia Gunmetal Gunmetal
Georgia Minty Green Minty Green
Georgia Platinum Platinum
Georgia Taupe Taupe
Linen Mix
9 colours
Linen Mix
Linen Mix Blueberry Blueberry
Linen Mix Blush Blush
Linen Mix Custard Custard
Linen Mix Dusk Dusk
Linen Mix Fruit Fruit
Linen Mix Mint Mint
Linen Mix Mushroom Mushroom
Linen Mix Ocean Ocean
Linen Mix Pigeon Pigeon
9 colours
Sahara Aquamarine Aquamarine
Sahara Ash Ash
Sahara Cadet Cadet
Sahara Cinnamon Cinnamon
Sahara French Blue French Blue
Sahara Golden Ochre Golden Ochre
Sahara Military Military
Sahara Reef Reef
Sahara Rope Rope
Saville Linen
4 colours
Saville Linen
Saville Linen Clay Clay
Saville Linen Natural Natural
Saville Linen Silver Silver
Saville Linen Steel Steel
4 colours
Beatrice Barley Barley
Beatrice Midnight Midnight
Beatrice Olive Olive
Beatrice Wedgewood Wedgewood
7 colours
Boho Blanco Blanco
Boho Cloud Cloud
Boho Cocoa Cocoa
Boho Denim Denim
Boho Heather Heather
Boho Parchment Parchment
Boho Storm Storm
1 colours
Mountain Flax Flax
2 colours
Enigma Claret Claret
Enigma Natural Natural
7 colours
Mazzini Cyan Mazzini Cyan
Mazzini Fawn Mazzini Fawn
Mazzini Jet Mazzini Jet
Mazzini Lava Mazzini Lava
Mazzini Orchid Mazzini Orchid
Mazzini Seafoam Mazzini Seafoam
Mazzini Seal Mazzini Seal
Danbury Floral
4 colours
Danbury Floral
Danbury Floral Dusk Dusk
Danbury Floral Mint Mint
Danbury Floral Natural Natural
Danbury Floral Nightshade Nightshade
3 colours
Eliza Floral Blush Floral Blush
Eliza Floral Midnight Floral Midnight
Eliza Floral Olive Floral Olive
8 colours
Empire Cinnamon Empire Cinnamon
Bukhara Saffron Bukhara Saffron
Bukhara Graphite Bukhara Graphite
Kew Indigo Kew Indigo
Fez Indigo Fez Indigo
Fez Paprika Fez Paprika
Fez Wine Fez Wine
Java Lotus Java Lotus
Modena Velvet
11 colours
Modena Velvet
Modena Chestnut Modena Chestnut
Modena Delft Blue Modena Delft Blue
Modena Forest Green Modena Forest Green
Modena Ash Modena Ash
Modena Moss Modena Moss
Modena Plum Modena Plum
Modena Regency Grey Modena Regency Grey
Modena Slate Modena Slate
Modena Sand Modena Sand
Modena Terracotta Modena Terracotta
Modena Teal Modena Teal
Oscar Velvet
12 colours
Oscar Velvet
Oscar Chalky Violet Oscar Chalky Violet
Oscar Charcoal Oscar Charcoal
Oscar Dahlia Red Oscar Dahlia Red
Oscar Lotus Oscar Lotus
Oscar Mouse Oscar Mouse
Oscar Mustard Oscar Mustard
Oscar Powder Grey Oscar Powder Grey
Oscar Royal Blue Oscar Royal Blue
Oscar Rust Oscar Rust
Oscar Slate Oscar Slate
Oscar Teal Green Oscar Teal Green
Oscar Vintage Green Oscar Vintage Green
Coco Velvet
6 colours
Coco Velvet
Coco Copper Coco Copper
Coco Olive Coco Olive
Coco Pearl Coco Pearl
Coco Sand Coco Sand
Coco Slate Coco Slate
Coco Violet Coco Violet
Verona Velvet
8 colours
Verona Velvet
Verona Antique Gold Verona Antique Gold
Verona Aqua Verona Aqua
Verona Chocolate Verona Chocolate
Verona Emerald Verona Emerald
Verona Latte Verona Latte
Verona Navy Verona Navy
Verona Ruby Verona Ruby
Verona Silver Verona Silver
13 colours
Varese Cadet Cadet
Varese Currant Currant
Varese Dove Dove
Varese Duck Egg Duck Egg
Varese Granite Granite
Varese Ochre Ochre
Varese Prussian Prussian
Varese Platinum Platinum
Varese Rose Rose
Varese Saffron Saffron
Varese Smoke Smoke
Varese Teal Teal
Varese Viola Viola
8 colours
Bottega Amber Amber
Bottega Dijon Dijon
Bottega Grey Grey
Bottega Mint Mint
Bottega Moss Green Moss Green
Bottega Natural Natural
Bottega Taupe Taupe
Bottega Teal Teal
Harris Tweed Fabrics
Harris Tweed Fabrics
19 colours
Harris Tweed Fabrics
Basalt Herringbone Basalt Herringbone
Bracken Herringbone Bracken Herringbone
Cerulean Highland Herringbone Cerulean Highland Herringbone
Granite Herringbone Granite Herringbone
Loden Herringbone Loden Herringbone
Peat Herringbone Peat Herringbone
Wick Herringbone Silver Darling Wick Herringbone Silver Darling
Willow Herringbone Furn Willow Herringbone Furn
Dornoch Check Dornoch Check
Forest Check Forest Check
Macleod Check Macleod Check
Munro Check Munro Check
Oban Check Iris Oban Check Iris
Oban Check Tawny Oban Check Tawny
Winter Check Winter Check
Shetland Heath Shetland Heath
Jura Fern Jura Fern
Jura Stag Jura Stag
Heather Heather
Make Your Own


Width - 88cm
Depth - 102cm
Height - 88cm
Seat Width - 53cm
Seat Depth - 64cm
Seat Height - 44cm


An exquisite chair that is beautifully proportioned with elegant curves and detailed hand polished hardwood legs.

The deep sprung seat and sprung high back make a luxurious combination, further enhanced by feather filled scatters for that extra comfort and support.

Slim arms and simple lines mean the chair will sit happily in any decorating scheme.

Perfect for:

  • Traditional and contemporary settings
  • Creating a quiet corner
  • Smaller homes

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