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Washable Loose Cover
4 colours
Beatrice Barley Barley
Beatrice Midnight Midnight
Beatrice Olive Olive
Beatrice Wedgewood Wedgewood
7 colours
Boho Blanco Blanco
Boho Cloud Cloud
Boho Cocoa Cocoa
Boho Denim Denim
Boho Heather Heather
Boho Parchment Parchment
Boho Storm Storm
8 colours
Verona Antique Gold Antique Gold
Verona Aqua Aqua
Verona Chocolate Chocolate
Verona Emerald Emerald
Verona Latte Latte
Verona Navy Navy
Verona Ruby Ruby
Verona Silver Silver
Textured Plain
5 colours
Textured Plain
Textured Plain Aquamarine Aquamarine
Textured Plain Grey Grey
Textured Plain Natural Natural
Textured Plain Rose Rose
Textured Plain White White
5 colours
Jacobean Flower Aqua Flower Aqua
Jacobean Flower Champagne Flower Champagne
Jacobean Flower Natural Flower Natural
Jacobean Flower Nutmeg Flower Nutmeg
Jacobean Flower Silver Flower Silver
Dry Clean Loose Cover
3 colours
Eliza Floral Blush Floral Blush
Eliza Floral Midnight Floral Midnight
Eliza Floral Olive Floral Olive
7 colours
Georgia Blue Blue
Georgia Cloud Cloud
Georgia Denim Denim
Georgia Gunmetal Gunmetal
Georgia Minty Green Minty Green
Georgia Platinum Platinum
Georgia Taupe Taupe
9 colours
Sahara Aquamarine Aquamarine
Sahara Ash Ash
Sahara Cadet Cadet
Sahara Cinnamon Cinnamon
Sahara French Blue French Blue
Sahara Golden Ochre Golden Ochre
Sahara Military Military
Sahara Reef Reef
Sahara Rope Rope
Mountain Linen Flax
1 colours
Mountain Linen Flax
Mountain Flax Mountain Flax
Saville Linen
4 colours
Saville Linen
Saville Linen Clay Clay
Saville Linen Natural Natural
Saville Linen Silver Silver
Saville Linen Steel Steel
Linen Mix
9 colours
Linen Mix
Linen Mix Blueberry Blueberry
Linen Mix Blush Blush
Linen Mix Custard Custard
Linen Mix Dusk Dusk
Linen Mix Fruit Fruit
Linen Mix Mint Mint
Linen Mix Mushroom Mushroom
Linen Mix Ocean Ocean
Linen Mix Pigeon Pigeon
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Width - 82cm
Depth - 92cm
Height - 98cm
Seat Width - 50cm
Seat Depth - 58cm
Seat Height - 48cm


The Darcy is a charming loose cover chair with an inviting, inclined scrolled back.

With neat tailoring and fine lines, the Darcy accomplishes relaxed sophistication.

The removable slipcover is ideal for changing with the seasons and is practical in any home.

Available in a wide range of removable loose cover fabrics, from soft neutrals to textured plains all either machine washable or dry cleanable.

Perfect for:

  • A quiet corner
  • Seasonal styling
  • Homes with children and pets

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